Freckles are spectacular, they’re really fun to see.
When I am around them, I’m happy as can be.
You’re so lucky that you have ‘em, where’d you get ‘em from
“Can’t you see my Father has them?; Boy you sure are dumb!”

“I just had to be there, my Dad did all the rest.
He even has some on his legs and on his hairy chest.”
Freckles here and freckles there; Freckles all around.
I wish I had ‘em, yes I do, but where can they be found?

My Mom and Dad are freckle-less; What’s a boy to do?
All the members of my ‘tribe’, my Aunt and Uncle too.
So I’ll continue freckle-less; What more can I say.
I think I’ll just go ‘lick my wounds’, and take it day-by-day.


One response to “Freckles

  1. Very cute poem! Thanks for sharing. When I was a lid, I was loaded with freckles! As I got older toward being a geezer, they were pretty much gone by age a3 or so. pg


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