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News and updates

Finally… an update

Finally added “Finally Together” to the song section!  There is still plenty more to come… Just a matter of posting it!


“VJP Heroes” Section Added

A new section has been added called VJP Heroes.  It will be similar to the VJP Legends section, but with Marvel Comics trading cards instead of traditional sports trading cards.  See how the world of sports would look if our favorite athletes had super powers.  First up… Joakim Noah.

Joakim/Hulk Polaroid

2 New Poems Added

2 new “Pants Inspired” Poems have been added in honor of No Pants Day (5/1/15).  Check out Suspenders and Zippers.

2 New Poems Added

Check out Funny Feet and Glasses in the Poems section.  A few changes were made to Spaghetti and Meatballs today too.

My Wagon

Just posted “My Wagon” in the Poems section, and recently added animations to “Mud” and “Mustache


Louie the Dog

I’ve got plenty of poems to post, but I’ve postponed posting new pages.  Just posted… Louie the Dog in the Poems section by VJP.

Happy Birthday MJ

It’s Michael Jordan’s birthday today, so we posted a new card of His Airness in the VJP Legends section.

2 more Poems

In honor of my mom’s favorite word and my dad’s favorite pastime, check out Rutabaga and Standing on My Head in the Poems section.  More updates to come…

New Year. New Poems.

It’s a new year, and 2 new poems have been added.  “Laughs” will really make you think… and maybe laugh. “Mustache” tells the story of life-long companions.

New Poem

The highly anticipated poemBob” was posted today along with some original artwork!

It’s snowing…

It’s winter time and apparently it’s snowing on!  Check out the relatively new winter-themed poemLost Mittens” (a new animated gif was added too)

New Poem Added

The new poem “Freckles” has been added to the Poems section today, and an animated gif was recently added to the “Spaghetti and Meatballs” poem.

New Page added to Poems Section

Upon request, the new poem “Spaghetti & Meatballs” has been added today.  More on the way…

“VJP Legends” Section Added

We have added a new section to the website called “VJP Legends” where we will share some unique insight about legendary athletes and post one of their trading cards found in our collection.


We changed the menu names to make the site a little more clear and organized.  A new short story – Thanksgiving Dinner – has been added.

4 New Poems Added

Four new poems have been added to the “New Stuff” section. Some more animations have been added as well.

Updates Continued…

Some high quality animated gifs have been added to some of the poems in the New Stuff section!


More stories and song lyrics added to the New Stuff and Old Stuff sections.  Songs in the Old Stuff section can be played at the bottom of the page.

Happy Birthday!!!

Hi Dad.  Happy Birthday.  We love you very much.  We got you this website so you can post your stories and anything else you want online.  We hope you’re having a great time in New York. Turning 70 is no small bananas!  See you soon.


Joe and Eli