Bob St. Clair (1955 – Bowman #101)

Robert Bruce “The Geek” St. Clair was a 6’9” Offensive Tackle who had the luxury of playing his whole career in his home city of San Francisco (1953 – ’63) for the 49ers.  He was a member of 9 AFL All- Pro teams as well as The ‘50s NFL All-Decade Team.  St. Clair’s uniform number (#79) was retired by the 49ers, and in 1990, Bob was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. He was born too soon for the NFL (the two leagues merged in 1970) and died, recently (2015), at the age of 84.

st clair full big


One response to “Bob St. Clair (1955 – Bowman #101)

  1. Sorry man, but never heard of him. Don’t follow NFL all too much. Just college and basketball & football. PG 2/23 12:41AM


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