Bill George (1956 – Topps #47)

William J. (Bill) George was one of the most feared Middle Linebackers in Chicago Bears history (1952 – ’65), followed (in time) by Dick Butkus.  He was drafted by the Bears in the 2nd round of the 1951 NFL draft. He also played, fot a short time, for the Los Angeles Rams (1966).  Bill George was voted to the Pro-Bowl for 8 consecutive years, starting in 1954, and was a member of 1 NFL Championship Team (1963). He was also a member of the 1950’s All-Decade Team, and his uniform number (#61) has been retired by the Chicago Bears.  Bill George was inducted into the Football Hall Of Fame in 1974.  He died in an automobile accident in 1984.  He was 52 years old.bill george full big


One response to “Bill George (1956 – Topps #47)

  1. Jimmy. orry but never heard of this guy. Heard of the NEXT guy but not him! I am still 75 and not 95 but feel it! Never followed NFL and only today follow college. Football and basketball only. Then Golf. Hope yoy are well. I am alone with 1 one freakin eye, dammit! My whole life is TV now as vision no good! Great to hear from you ALWAyS! Your buddy, PG


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