Sandy Amoros (1955 – Topps #75)

Edmundo “Sandy” Amoros Isasi was a left-handed outfielder  who played for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers (1952 – ’60) and, ended his 9 year career with the Detroit Tigers (1960).  He is best known for his play in  the 1955 World Series, when, as a defesive replacement in left field for the right handed throwing Jim Gilliam, he took a double away from Yogi Berra (which Gilliam couldn’t have gotten to, being a right hander) and doubled up Gil McDougal, who had been on First Base.  The Dodgers went to win the game and the Series with the Yankees. I first saw “Sandy” as a member of the Montreal Royals (and Jackie Robinson, plus many more eventual Major Leaguers) in Rochester (NY), an International League (at the time) city and home of the Rochester Red Wings. I remember being impressed with Sandy’s speed.  After baseball, he developed a feud with (then) President Fidel Castro by his refusing to manage the Cuban National Team.  Amoros died at the age of 62, of pneumonia, in 1992.

Sandy Amoros 1955 Topps #75


2 responses to “Sandy Amoros (1955 – Topps #75)

  1. HE WAS ABOUT AS GOOD A BALL PLAYER ONE COULD EVER SEE PLAY THE GAME! I never knew you saw Jackie Robinson play. I saw him in Roch when he played AAA for Montreal Expos before going to LAD. Saw him steal home off pitcher and love it! Amoros could be on top line of all infielders in my book! A great one! Those were the days and I never thought it was as HOT as it really WAS! You have a super collection!


  2. I wrote a long paragraph already on Amoros but it did not stick so I have to try again! Sandy was in my book as good a ball player as anyone and he will always be remembered. I had no clue he only lived to 62. That is not old when a geezer becomes an official geezer! He was super! I never knew you saw Robinson play. I saw him one time when he was with the Montreal Expos or Royals and saw him steal home from 3rd! It was a blast as he had the pitcher figured out! Those were the BEST days but I never realized it! But I do now as a freakin geezer!


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