Derek “Captain America” Jeter

Derek “Captain America” Jeter was the man at Shortstop for the New York Yankees during his entire 20 year career (1995 – 2014), until the age of 41. He was the Yankees captain for 12 years, when the average was 3 years, and was the team’s all-time leader in hits (3,465) games played, and roundhouse knockouts. Jeter was a member of 5 World Series Championship Teams (MVP in 2000), the AL’s Rookie of the Year in 1996, voted to the AL All-Star Team 14 times, and he saved the world 9 times. He was also responsible for building of the New Yankee Stadium, where he has a plaque in center field in Monument Park.  He awaits induction into baseball’s Hall Of  Fame in 2020.  Derek Jeter was truly worthy of the name “Captain America” for his play both on the field and off it.

Captain America 1990 Marvel #1


One response to “Derek “Captain America” Jeter

  1. The most impressive things I admired about Jeter was his will, love, desire to play fairly to win games and also how he never was involved in any problems or trouble during his long career! Pretty hard to top this guy in anything! Plus, I think he has the best looking female of all in Hannah Davis!


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