Dennis Rodman (1988 – Fleer #43)

Dennis  (The Worm) Rodman was a small forward (who became a Power Forward) for 15 years in the NBA with 5 different teams (most notably the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls). In Detroit he was a 2-time Champion (with the Bad Boys) and a 2-time Defensive Player of the Year (1990-’91), along with being voted to the All-Defensive First Team for 5 consecutive years starting in 1989, and the All-Star Team (1990 & ’92). His uniform number (#10) has been retired by the Pistons. With the Bulls he was a 3 time NBA Champion (with Michael Jordan) and a 4-time NBA Rebounding Champion . He was married briefly to Carmen Electra, had a on month affair with Madonna and once wore a wedding dress and rode a “Harley” to a book promotion. He would, occasionally, dye his hair a different color (green or red) to fit his mood. Dennis Rodman was sure entertaining (at least to me) .

Dennis Rodman 1988 Fleer #43


3 responses to “Dennis Rodman (1988 – Fleer #43)

  1. Dennis Rodman was the strangest looking NBA player I ever saw, with yellow or sometimes orange or red colored hair, with gold rings hanging from his ears and nose, but to me he played hardest of all BBA players and was excellent on defense and assists many times during a game. He was very entertaining to say the least. I think he played for the Chicago Bulls. I liked to watch him play as he was a scrappy player and great on getting rebounds!


  2. One of my favorites!


  3. Rodman was one of the best of all time and known for his tremendous defensive play and his weird nose rings, ear rings and tattoos and colored hair! He definitely was “one of a kind!” He was so much fun to watch and always played his heart out! He was also one of my favorites and dated Madonna for some time! I “loved” this guy!


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