Lawrence Taylor (1987 – Topps #26)

Lawrence Julius “L.T.” Taylor Was a NFL Linebacker who played his entire 13 year career for the New York Giants (1981 – ’93).  He was an All-American at the University of North Carolina before becoming the Giants’ 2nd  overall pick in the 1981 Draft.  He is considered by many (not me) to be the greatest defensive player to ever play in the NFL (I think Dick Butkus was the most feared and greatest defensive player ever to play in the NFL).  L.T. was the Associated press’ NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 1981 and the consensus NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1986. He was also the sacks leader and the AP MVP in that same year. Lawrence was voted an All-Pro and played in the Pro Bowl for 10 consecutive years between 1981 and 1990. He was a member of 2 Super Bowl Championship Teams (XXI and XXV). He was voted to the 80’s All-Decade Team as well as the 75th Anniversary All-Time Team.  His uniform number (#56) has been retired by the Giants.  Lawrence Taylor was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 1999, his first year of eligibility.  He was credited with a total of 142 sacks and 33 forced fumbles during his career.

LT full big


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