Roger Craig (1956 – Topps #63)

Roger Lee Craig was a right-handed pitcher who was originally  drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers,  played for them in Los Angeles, (1955 – ’61), but is best remembered by me as having lost 18 straight games for the ‘62-‘63 expansion New York Mets.  With the Dodgers he was a member of 2 World Series Championship Teams (1955 in Brooklyn & 1959 in Los Angeles).  He also was a member of the  1964 World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals.  He ended his 12 year career with the Reds (1965) and Phillies (1966).  Roger, after his playing days were over, went on to Manage the San Diego Padres (1978  – ’79) and San Francisco Giants (1985 – 92). Roger Craig won his 4th World Series Title as a Pitching Coach for the Detroit Tigers in 1984.  He is, Presently, 85 years of age, as of 4/29/2015.

craig full big


One response to “Roger Craig (1956 – Topps #63)

  1. Peter Goddard

    I am now aware of getting up in years as I don’t remember this player. He is still alive and 11 yrs older than I am! I guess the memory is going downhill on me! It seems like a distant name from a different lifetime to me. Sorry. You sure are in excellent shape if you remember this player. PG


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