Roosevelt Brown (1956 – Topps #41)

Roosevelt “Rosey” Brown was an Offensive Lineman in the NFL, playing his entire  career for the New York Giants (1953 – ’65).  He was drafted in the 27th round in 1953.   During his 13 year career he was voted to the Pro Bowl 9 times and was 6 times voted to the All-Pro First Team.  Rosey was a member of 50’s  NFL All-Decade Team, the 75th Anniversary Team, and the Giants’  1956 NFL Championship Team (before the advent of the Super Bowl). Roosevelt Brown was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 1975 and into the Virginia Sports Hall Of Fame (he went to Morgan State University before starting his Giants career) in 1979.   His career with the Giants was ended in 1965 with Rosey suffering from chronic Phlebitis.  He died in 2004 at the age of 71.

Roosevelt Brown 1956 Topps #41


One response to “Roosevelt Brown (1956 – Topps #41)

  1. Jimmy. Never heard of this guy. Only Rosie Greer. Sorry. Not into NFL all that much back then. pg


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