Roy Sievers (1959 – Topps #465)

Roy Edward Sievers was a Major League First Baseman/Outfielder for 16 years.  Originally signed by the St. Louis Browns (1949 – ‘53).  He was traded to the Washington Senators (1954 – ’59) then to the Chicago White Sox (1960 – ’61), and then to the Philadelphia Phillies (1962 – ’64).  He finished his career with the expansion Senators in 1965.  He was the A. L. Rookie of the Year in 1949 and 5 times he made All-Star appearances (1 time with Chicago, 4 times with Washington).  Roy lead the League in Home Runs and RBI in 1957 with the Senators. During his career he hit a total of 318 Home Runs, and had 1,147 RBI.

sievers full big


One response to “Roy Sievers (1959 – Topps #465)

  1. Jimmy. Sorry, but I don’t remember this player, but seldom watched MLB during this period as was too busy with a new marriage and a new son to keep me pretty busy back then. PG


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