Richard Dent (1987 – Topps #56)

Richard Lamar Dent was a Defensive End in the NFL for 15 years with 4 Teams, primarily the Chicago Bears (1983 – ’93 and ’95).  With the Bears he had 124.5 Sacks (137.5 in all) and was the MVP of Super Bowl XX,  (1985) thought by many (incuding me) to be the most dominant all-around game ever played by an NFL Team.  He was a 4 time selection to the All Pro Team and played in 4 Pro Bowls Richard was also a member (although hurt most of season) of the 1994 Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers. He retired in 1997, after a year with the Philadelphia Eagles.  He also spent a year as a member of the Indianapolis Colts (1996).  Richard Dent was inducted into the Professional Football Hall Of Fame in 2011.

Richard Dent 1987 Topps #56


One response to “Richard Dent (1987 – Topps #56)

  1. Now you are talkin the GREATEST NFL players I ever saw play here in Tampa! I am not sure of the defensive linemen the Bears had, but Dent was one of them and then there was a huge guy that wore glasses OFF the field and stuck his face directly in the opposition’s face and stared right into his eyes but it could have been THIS guy! his was the best line I ever saw in all the NFL years and would STILL stick to those words! It was like a wall of steel! To ME, the ’85 Bears would beat any team today if we could turn the clocks back so all was even, but of course we cannot. It is like trying to compare Jordan to James or Tiger to Nicklaus. It cannot be fairly done as too much is different and has changed. I am sure you understand what I mean. PG 4/16/15 You sure have one helluva collection of sports cards my friend! I never saw anything like his before! It has to be worth mucho dollaros! I am beyond impressed!


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