Milt Pappas (1958 – Topps #457)

Miltiades Stergios (“Milt” Pappas) Papastergios was signed by, and pitched for the Baltimore Orioles (1957 – ’65), before being traded to the Cincinnati Reds (1966 – ’68) in the deal that brought Frank Robinson to Baltimore.  He was then traded, midseason, to the Atlanta Braves (1968 – ’70) and finally to the Chicago Cubs (1970 – ’73) where he ended his 17 year career.  With the Orioles, he appeared in both 1962 All-Star games and was the starter in the 1965 All-Star game.  With Chicago, he pitched a no-hitter in 1972 (1 strike from a “Pertect Game” when he walked pinch hitter Larry Stahl on a conroversal call).  More recently with the Cubs, he sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch in yesterday’s game, to which my Son, Eli, (who suggests who I should post next) commented “I hope he pitched better than he sings.”  He did, sometimes. I was living in California at the time and never saw Milt pitch in person, but I certainly knew of him and pulled for the Cubs.   Pappas won a total of 209 games, while losing just 164 over his 17 year career, and had the distinction of never having a 20 win season.

Milt Pappas 1958 Topps #457


2 responses to “Milt Pappas (1958 – Topps #457)

  1. Dad, thanks for posting Milt! He was being interviewed before the 7th inning stretch yesterday and it was pretty interesting. Then he sang and couldn’t get the timing down with the organist. It was pretty funny. Couple of facts from the interview: He had 43 career shutouts. That seems like a lot. Also, Miltiades Stergios Papastergios was actually shortened from his birth name, Militades Stergiososososa Papageorgiograndepepperonios.


  2. Jimmy. I was not following baseball during these years but I remember the name of Milt Pappas-that is all though. I was doing too many other things back then and probably only watched the World Series, but cannot remember back that far. That is 43 yrs ago! I think it is “priceles” what your son said about Milt’s singing! That is just so precious! He must be lotsa fun! Sounds like it! PG


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