Michael Jordan(1994-Upper Deck #19)

Most people think of Michael Jordan as the best basketball player ever to play the game, buth e also was a baseball player! He played for the Chicago White Sox organization for a little over a year (he signed a minor league contract in February of 1994 with the Sox), went to Spring Training, and was assigned to the Birmingham Barons of the AA Southern League. In Birmingham, he hit .202, with 3 home runs and 51 RBI. I, obviously, never saw Jordan during his brief baseball career, but I and my Wife and Sons had the pleasure of watching him on the Basketball Court. He was sheer magic. Michael Jordan made his return to the Basketball world, from the world of baseball, in time for the 1995 playoffs with just 2 words; “I’m back.”

mj full big


One response to “Michael Jordan(1994-Upper Deck #19)

  1. Peter Goddard

    We all know how great Michael Jordan was in the NBA playing for the Bulls so there is not much I can add to writing about him except for one thing and that is I “think” when Michael tried out in high school when he was I think a sophomore-I heard he did NOT make the team! I am not sure if that is true or not but I heard it more than once and it is hard to believe! He sure improved a helluva lot real fast! It was always a treat to watch him play on TV, but I never saw him in person!


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