Ivan Lafyerasov (1988 – CCCP #100)

Ivan “The Sob” Lafyerasov was a Russian Basketball player who invented the 8’ basket so he, like the Pro’s, could dunk. It wasn’t very successful, however, since the basket height has been steadily at the current height of 10’. Lafyerasov is also credited with inventing the Free Throw Line at 8’ (instead of the currently held distance of 10’). He is also credited with inventing the “Short Pants Look” seen in Russia. His number (#100) was retired by the Russian Federation. Ivan “The Sob” Lafyerasov was inducted into the Siberian Hall of Fame in the year 2000.

Ivan Lafyerasov 1988 Fleer #100


2 responses to “Ivan Lafyerasov (1988 – CCCP #100)

  1. Peter Goddard

    I realize today is April Fool’s Day and am wondering if this falls into that class or some other! There is another story on ESPN today about a MLB pitcher from some tiny foreign country that threw his fastball at 165 mph, and broke the catcher’s glove and hand and they did it up like it was REAL and had interviews with people that said they saw him pitch once and he threw the ball so fast, nobody could even see the ball! It was done up so well, I thought it was a real story and fell for it! PG

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  2. Peter Goddard

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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