Eddie Stanky (1953 – Bowman #49)

Edward Raymond Stanky, “The Brat”, was a 2nd Baseman for 5 different teams for 11 years (Chicago Cubs ’43 & ’44, Brooklyn Dodgers 1944 – ’47, Boston Braves ’48 & ’49, New York Giants ’50 & ’51, and finally St. Louis Cardinals ’52 & ’53, where became Player/Manager). With Brooklyn, Boston, and New York he was an N.L. All-Star and won N.L. Titles with each team. In Brooklyn, he was instrumental in the Jackie Robinson saga, being traded to allow Robinson to pursue his natural position (2B) and bat first, as both were previously held by Stanky. After his career as a player was over, he went on to become the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals (1952 – ’55, the first 2 years as Player/Manager), the Chicago White Sox (1966 – ’68) and the Texas Rangers (1977, one game only before retuning to his last job as Manager of U of South Alabama.) Eddie Stanky has been memorialized by having the ballpark at the U. of South Alabama named “Eddie Stanky Field”. He died in 1999 at the age of 82.

Eddie Stanky 1953 Bowman #49


One response to “Eddie Stanky (1953 – Bowman #49)

  1. Jimmy, you certainly have a gigantic card collection, with all the best MLB players, for sure! Eddie Stanky was another great one! It seems to me that alot of these players seldom lived much past 80 years of age, but age is not like jujubees, and “none of us lives FOREVER!” I cannot understand how you got so many of these top shelf cards! They are the BEST, without a doubt! PG


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