Don Zimmer (1959 – Topps #287)

Donald William “Zim” or “Popeye” Zimmer was a Major League infielder, manager and coach for the better part of 65 years. As an infielder (mostly 3B), he played for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers (1954 – ’59 and ’63), with intermittent stops in Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, and Washington. After his Major League career was over, he played for 1 year (1966) in Japan for the Toei Flyers of the Nipon Professional Baseball League. He came back to the States to become a coach for the Montreal Expos (1971), among others, too numerous to name. He managed the San Diego Padres (1972 – ’73), the Boston Red Sox (1976 – ’80), the Texas Rangers (1981 – ’82) and the Chicago Cubs (1988 – ’91) in between his many coaching jobs. Don Zimmer’s last job was as a “Senior Advisor” for the Tampa Bay Rays (2004 – ’14). During his long career, he was a player on 2 World Series Championship teams (Brooklyn 1955 and Los Angeles 1959), and then won 4 more Championships with the Yankees (1996, 1998 – 2000) as a coach. Zim wore a different uniform number every year to commemorate his “years in baseball”. Popeye’s last uniform number was 66. He died in 2014 at the age of 83.

Don Zimmer 1959 Topps #287


One response to “Don Zimmer (1959 – Topps #287)

  1. Don Zimmer was a guy that looked just like “Popeye!” He was a great guy that everyone loved. I used to see him often where he hung out 5 minutes from me here at the dog track, “Derby Lane.” Everyone knew him and he said hello to all the bettors at the dog track. It was on the 4th floor of Derby Lane, the dog track, where they had many TV’s on the wall showing all the race tracks all over the USA and people could place their wagers at any track on any race. THAT was Zimmer’s hangout! I never knew anything about his playing days but did know he was a mgr with the NYY team-a great guy. He ended up here in St Pete with the Tampa Bay Rays. He lived til 83 yrs old. WE are approaching that! Kinda spooky! PG 3/25

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