Frank Robinson (1957 -Topps #35)

Frank Robinson was an outfielder and manager for numerous teams during his career, but most of his playing days were spent with the Cincinnati Reds (1956 – ’65) and the Baltimore Orioles (1966 – ’71). He is the only man to win the MVP Award in the National League (1961) as well as the American League (1966). He was the N. L. Rookie of the Year in 1956 and a Gold Glove Award winner in 1958. Also in Cincinnati, he played in 9 All-Star games (there were 2 games in ’59 – ’62). In Baltimore, he won the Triple Crown (batting average, HRs and RBI) in 1966 and was a member of 2 World Series Championship Teams (1966, when he was MVP, and 1970). In Baltimore, he played in 5 All-Star games and was the MVP of the 1971 game. He spent his latter years (1972 – ’76) in Los Angeles, Aneheim and Cleveland. Frank became the first African American to manage in the Major Leagues with the Cleveland Indians in 1975, when he was named Player/Manager. Robinson went on to manage the San Francisco Giants (1981 – ’84), the Baltimore Orioles (1988 – ’91) and the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals (2002 – ’06). His uniform number (#20) has been by both the Cincinnati Reds and the Baltimore Orioles. Frank Robinson was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1982 as a player.

Frank Robinson 1957 Topps #35


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  1. All I remember about Frank Robinson is that he was as good of a MLB player you will ever find, no matter where or how hard you look! This man is in the very top level as an all around player and I believe he played 3rd base for the Baltimore Orioles, to the best of my knowledge. He was as good as ANY 3rd base player in all categories! If I had a team that consisted of ONLY the top MLB players over the years, this guy would be on it, for certain! 3/24/15

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