Cletis Boyer (1957 – Topps #121)

Cletis Leroy “Clete” Boyer was a Major League infielder (mostly at 3rd base) for 17 years with the Kansas City A’s (1955 – ’56), the New York Yankees (1957 – ’66) and the Atlanta Braves (1967 – ’71). After his playing day’s in the States were finished, he played for 4 years with the Taiyo Whales in Japan. With the Yankees, he was a member of 2 World Series Championship teams (1961 & ’62), and with the Braves, he won a Gold Glove Award (1969). He was part of the only Brother Duo ever to win a Golden Glove (his brother, Ken won it 5 times in St. Louis with the Cardinals). Clete Boyer was one of three brothers to play in the Major Leagues. Cloyd Boyer was a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, and his aforementioned brother Ken, were the other two.  Clete died, at the age of 70, in 2007.

Cletis Boyer 1957 Topps #121


One response to “Cletis Boyer (1957 – Topps #121)

  1. I remember the name “Clete Boyer” but it was so many years ago, I cannot remember anything in particular that stands out in my mind, except, I think he played for the Yankees. Sorry.


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