Al Rosen (1955 – Topps #70)

Albert Leonard “Al” Rosen “the Hebrew Hammer” was a third baseman for the Cleveland Indians for 10 years (1947 – ’56). He was the A. L. MVP in 1953 and a member of a World Series Championship Team in 1948. He was a 4-time All-Star and twice lead the League in home runs (1950 & ’53). Two times he led the A. L. in RBI (1952 & ’53). Al Rosen missed the Batting Title by 1 point in ’53 keeping him from winning the Triple Crown by the slimmest of margins.

Al Rosen 1955 Topps #70


One response to “Al Rosen (1955 – Topps #70)

  1. Jimmy! You sure have a whole lotta cards, my friend! Unbelievable! Al Rosen was a fantastic 3rd baseman I recall, for the “Tribe.” He was in the special category of Brooks Robinson and a few others that had an arm like a slingshot and could toss most runners out at 1st and was also I believe a terrific hitter. We are goin back to the good ‘ole days here now! Wish we had it to do all over again but we cannot stop Fr “Time!” Thanks! These are fantastic! PG 3/16/15

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