Hank Sauer (1953 – Topps #111)

Henry John “Hank” Sauer was a Major League Outfielder who started
out with the Cincinnati Reds and then was traded to the Chicago Cubs
during the 1949 season. He stayed with the Cubs (1949 – ’55) for the
better part of 6 years and had his most memorable years there. He then
spent a year at St. Louis and 3 years with the Giants in New York and
San Francisco. With the Cubs, he was a 2-time N. L. All-Star in 1950
and 1952. Hank also was the League’s MVP in 1952 when he lead
the N. L. in Home Runs (37) and RBI’s (121). Hank Sauer, in a 15
year career in the Major Leagues, hit a total of 288 Home Runs. He
died in 2001 at the age of 84.
Hank Sauer 1953 Topps #111


One response to “Hank Sauer (1953 – Topps #111)

  1. Man, I totally forgot about this guy! Makes me really feel lots older that I have been living 200 yrs! This guy was one HELLUVA hitter, and I barely remember how powerful he was as a hitter and the long ball! One of the best ever, but in a “back in the day” generations with DiMaggio and that era. On a scale of 1-10 I would have to rate him a TEN! Those were the best days when we were REALLY into baseball and knew the stats and everything about many MLB players!

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