Chuck Klein (1941 – Topps #60)

Charles Herbert “Chuck” Klein, “The Hoosier Hammer” (he was born in Indiana) was an Outfielder who played mostly for the Philadelphia Phillies (1928 –’33, 1936 – ’39, 1940 – ’44) with 2 years for the Chicago Cubs and less than a year in Pittsburgh. While with the Phillies, he was the League MVP in 1932 and an All-Star in 1933 (the All-Star game didn’t start until 1933). He also won the N.L. Triple Crown that year (1933) with a batting average of .368, 28 home runs, and 120 RBIs, but didn’t win the MVP Award (Carl Hubbel won it)!  Klein lead the League in home runs 4 times and twice lead the League in RBIs (1931 and ’33). He became the first player in the N.L. to hit 4 home runs in one game. Chuck Klein’s uniform has been retired by the Phillies (numbers weren’t necessary on Phillies uniforms until 1932) and he was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame by the Veterans Committee in 1980.

Chuck Klein 1941 Topps #60


One response to “Chuck Klein (1941 – Topps #60)

  1. Jimmy. I was not old enough to remember this guy, “Chuck!” He sounds like he was one helluva hitter though! 4 HRs in one game! Damn! You have so many cards, I will not be surprised if you send me one of Jesus Christ and probably SIGNED, too! You are unreal. I would be damn lonely without your friendship! Hi to Joe from me. PeteG 3/10/15

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