Rocco Colavito (1957 – Topps #212)

Rocco Domenico “Rocky” Colavito was signed by, and played the outfield for the Cleveland Indians (1955 – ’59). He was traded to the Detroit Tigers in 1960, where he played through the ’63 season. Colavito played for the Kansas City A’s in 1964, and then wound up in Cleveland again (1965 – ’67). He spent his latter years in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, where he retired, after playing for 14 years in the Major Leagues. With the Indians, he was a 4-time A.L. All-Star and a Home Run Champion (1959 – he hit 4 H.R. in one game). He was also the A.L. RBI Champion in 1965. With the Tigers, he was a 4-time All-Star (1960 – ’61, Their were 2 per year All-Star games 1959 – ’61). Rocky Colavito hit 374 home runs and drove in 1,159 runs during his career.

Rocco Colavito1957 Topps #212


One response to “Rocco Colavito (1957 – Topps #212)

  1. Man, you sure have the best of the best players-ever! Rocky Colavito was a POWERFUL hitter and that is all I recall as I had just gotten married in 1960 and had too much on my mind to follow MLB around that time. He was as good as the best and I remember him mostly for his great hitting! PG

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