Jerry Rice (1987 – Topps #115)

Jerry Lee Rice was considered by most (including me) to be the greatest Receiver the NFL has ever known. He was a wide receiver for 20 years most of which was for the San Francisco 49ers (1985 – 2000). The rest of his time was spent with the Oakland Raiders (2001 – ’04) and a stint with the Seattle Seahawks for less than a year in 2004. Jerry was an All-American at little known Mississippi Valley State U. in 1984, when he was the 49ers first pick in the 1985 NFL draft. He went on to become a member of 3 Super Bowl Title Teams (he was the MVP of Super Bowl XXIII), and 3 other times was an NFC Conference Champion. 10 times he was voted to the All-NFL First Team, and he appeared in 13 Pro Bowls. He was voted to the NFL All-Decade Teams for the ‘80s and ‘90s, as well as the NFL’s 75th Anniversary All-Time Team. All of Jerry Rice’s highlights can not be listed in this space. His uniform number (#80) has been retired by the 49ers and he retired in 2005 as the all time NFL record holder for Receiving Touchdowns, as well as Receptions and Receiving Yardage. Jerry Rice was inducted into both the Pro Football Hall Of Fame and the College Football Hall Of Fame.

Jerry Rice 1987 Topps #115


One response to “Jerry Rice (1987 – Topps #115)

  1. Peter Goddard

    Jerry Rice was the best NFL receiver for the SF 49ers that ever played football, in my opinion. He had it all! He was very fast and when he would go out for a pass, it usually turned into a TD as the defender just could not keep up with Rice because of his speed clever hands. Rice is still doing TV commentary for NFL games and he always seems to be in a great mood as he is always a happy-go-lucky on the TV screen. I do not believe there will ever be a receiver as good as this guy! He is almost unstoppable.

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