Bobby Layne (1954 – Bowman #53)

Robert Lawrence ‘Bobby’ Layne, Sr., was a Quarterback for the Detroit Lions (1950 – ’58) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (1958 – ’62), with 1 year stops in Chicago (The Bears drafted him number 3 overall, and traded him to N.Y. for their #1 pick in 1950.), and New York. He was a College All-American at Texas U, with the Longhorns, and a Cotten Bowl (1946) and Sugar Bowl (1948) MVP before turning to Professional Football. With Detroit he was a 3-time member of a Championship Team and twice was an All-NFL First Team pick. ‘Bobby’ also played in 4 Pro Bowl games, and he was voted to the All-Decade Team of the 1950’s. ‘Bobby’ Layne’s uniform number (#22) has been retired by both the Detroit Lions and the U. of Texas. He was inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame (1967) and the College Football Hall Of Fame in 1968. Layne was, also, an Ace pitcher for the Longhorn’s Baseball Team, but chose a career in Football instead.

Bobby Layne 1954 Bowman #53


One response to “Bobby Layne (1954 – Bowman #53)

  1. Peter Goddard

    Jimmy. Afraid I cannot be of any help here with this famous player as I did not follow NFL when I was just a kid. All I know is I DO know his name was as famous as any NFL player of all time, so he had to be as great as they say he was. I only remember his name as I was a young teen and did not follow NFL at all back then-sorry.


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