Norm Van Brocklin (1957 – Topps #22)

Norman Mack “Norm” Van Brocklin. “The Dutchman” was a Quarterback and Punter in the NFL for a total of 12 years, mostly in Los Angeles (1949 – ’57) with the Rams, and 3 years with the Philadelphia Eagles. (1958 – ’60) During his years with the Rams, he was a 6-time Pro Bowl selection and was a member of the 1951 NFL Championship Team. With Philadelphia, Norm was a 3-time Pro Bowler, being voted to the All-NFL First Team in 1960. He was the 1960 MVP and the Quarterback of the 1960 NFL Champion Eagles. Van Brocklin was voted to the 50th Anniversary All-Time Team and was inducted into both the Pro Football Hall Of Fame (1971) and the College Football Hall Of Fame in 1966. (his Alma Mater was the U. of Oregon in Eugene) Norm Van Brocklin threw for a total of 23,611 yards and 173 Touchdowns during his 12 year career.

Norm Van Brocklin 1957 Topps #22


One response to “Norm Van Brocklin (1957 – Topps #22)

  1. Norm VanBrocklin was a “wee” bit before my remembering to comment on, although I certainly am familiar with his name. He had to be a very special NFL player to recognize his name immediately, and I believe set several records in passing as a quarterback as well as a punter.


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