Casey Stengel (1960 – Topps #227)

Charles Dillon “Casey” Stengel (The Old Professor) was a player (1912 – ’25) for 5 different teams and a manager for 4 teams, but is best known as the Manager of the New York Yankees (1949 – ’60) and Mets (1962 – ’65). He was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers, with whom he played for for 6 years (1912 – ’17). From there he had stints in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York (with the Giants) and, finally, in Boston with the Braves. As a player, he was a member of a Championship Team (1922, Giants). As a Manager with the Yankees, he won a total of 7 World Series Championships, icluding 5 consecutive (1949 – ’53, and also in 1956 and 1958). His uniform number (#37) has been retired by both current New York teams. In 1960 (Bill Mazeroski’s homerun in the 9th beat the Yankees) Casey retired. In 1962 he became the first Manager of the expansion New York Mets, and “lasted” until 1965. He was 75 years old at the time. Casey Stengel died in 1975 at the age of 85. The Old Professor was inducted ino the Baseball Hall Of Fame by the Veterans Committee in 1966.

Casey Stengel 1960 Topps #227


One response to “Casey Stengel (1960 – Topps #227)

  1. Casey was in my opinion, the best mgr in all of baseball of all time! Probably because he was the manager when I was heavy into loving the Yankees and it seemed like he was the manager forever! He must have known what he was doing as the NYY were almost unbeatable every year! Jimmy, you and I saw him when we took the train down to NYC from Rochester to see the NYY play one game, remember? That was when we went to Mt Vernon afterwards to visit your kind relatives! Nice folks. I think it was your Aunt who asked me if I was “saving the best for last!” Those were the BEST times! And I never realized it was the best time of my life back then! Time sure goes by quickly. If Joe and Eli ever read this, I hope they listen to this ole man and don’t waste any of their time as they will be old before they know it and then wonder where did the time go to? I was just 35 and now I am 70! PG


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