Don Larsen (1954 – Bowman #101)

Donald James Larsen was a pitcher for 7 different teams in his 15 year Major League career, but is remembered as the first (and only) man to pitch a perfect game in the World Series, for the New York Yankees in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was only 11 – 5 for the season in 1956, and lost to the Dodgers 13 – 8 in Game 2 of that same World Series. Larsen was originally signed by the St. Louis Browns in 1947, when he pitched in 16 minor league games. He had a losing record (81 – 91) for his Major League career. With the Yankees Don was a 2 time member of a World Series Championship and won the MVP Award in 1956. Don Larsen ended his career with the Chicago Cubs in 1967.

Don Larsen 1954 Bowman #101


One response to “Don Larsen (1954 – Bowman #101)

  1. I never knew he played for the Cubs but he was ALWAYS as good as ANY other pitcher in MY book, as whenever I heard his name that he was the starting pitcher, I would automatically figure his team was going to win THAT game! I never realized how many excellent pitchers there were until you started sending me all these great pitcher’s names! If these are in very good condition, they are worth alot of $$$$ as I am sure you know! PG


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