Sam Huff (1959 – Topps #51)

Robert Lee “Sam” Huff was the 2nd most feared Middle Linebacker (in my opinion) in the National Football League (Dick Butkus was the 1st). Huff played 14 years for the New York Giants (1956 – ’63) and the Washington Redskins (1964 – ’69). As a Giant, he made the All-Pro first team 4 times and the 2nd team 2 times. Huff was a member of the 1956 NFL Champions, and 5 times he was a member of the Eastern Conference Champs only to lose all 5 to the Western Conference in the Championship game. With Washington, he was All-Conference in 1964 and ’65, but an ankle injury in 1967 ended his streak of 150 NFL games played, and he retired in1968. Vince Lombardi brought him back to Washington for the 1969 season, but he retired for good after that. Sam Huff was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, as well as the College Hall of Fame (his college Alma Mater was West Virginia University). His name is also on the Washington Redskins’ Ring of Fame. Sam Huff 1960 Topps #51


One response to “Sam Huff (1959 – Topps #51)

  1. Man, you sure have a ton of cards and they are all of famous players! As you know, I don’t follow the NFL, like I do college, but Sam Huff was one of the greatest NFL players of all time. I cannot believe you have so many famous collector’s cards! You have alot of buckeroos involved in these in case you ever wanted to sell them. But, to be honest, I would NOT as they are constantly gaining in value every day! You are amazing! PG


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