Mike Schmidt (1982 – Topps #339)

Michael Jack Schmidt was signed by and played 3B for 18 years for the Phildelphia Phillies. In those years, he was the N.L. MVP 3 times (1980, ’81 and ’86) and a 12-time All-Star. Mike did it with power (he was an 8-time N.L. home run champion) as well as with defense (he was a 10-time Gold Glove Award winner for his excellence at 3B). Schmidt was also the MVP of the only World Series Championship he was part of in 1980. Mike once hit 4 home runs in a single game (vs. the Cubs at Wrigley Field – 1976). His uniform number (#20) has been retired by the Phillies. Mike Schmidt was inducted into Baseball’s Hall Of Fame in 1995 and was voted to the All-Century Team in 1999. I was one of the lucky few who got to see Mike hit his 4 home runs in an 18 – 16 Phillies win at Wrigley in 1976 and will never forget the sight of Schmidt circling the bases after his 4th home run of the game.

Mike Schmidt 1982 Topps #339


One response to “Mike Schmidt (1982 – Topps #339)

  1. Jimmy. You saw Mike Schmidt hit 4 homers at Wrigley? Holy cow! Lucky you! That is unreal. I never knew he did that! Damn. What a great time THAT must have been for you to witness! He was as good as any 3rd baseman that ever played the game and there may have been one other as good but not any better of all time! He was so good, I remember him playing for the Phillies, who hold their spring training 15 mins way from where I live in Clearwater in a gorgeous new ball park and ALL the spring training games are always sold out! I am really glad for you and they are always an excellent team-unlike when we were kids! 1/30/15


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