Doc Blanchard (1955 – Topps #59)

Felix Anthony “Doc” Blanchard was a 3 time All-American Football player for “Red” Blake at Army (the U. S. Military Academy at West Point). He won the Heisman Trophy in 1945 as the best college player in the nation (the first Junior to ever win it) along with the Maxwell Award and the first James E. Sullivan Award. Although he was drafted in the 1st round by the Pittsburgh Steelers (number 3, overall) he never played a down of Professional Football. “Doc” (his Father was a Doctor, hence, the nickname) was also known as “Mr. Inside” when he combined with Glen Davis, who came to be known as “Mr. Outside”, in Army’s 2-prong attack. During his 3 year college career his team was undefeated (27 – 0) with 1 tie (the famous 0 – 0 game with Notre Dame). Blanchard scored 38 touchdowns, gained 1,908 yards, and won 3 National Titles in those 3 years. “Doc” Blanchard was truly a gifted player, and many people thought he would turn to Professional Football after graduation, but he chose a career in the United States Air Force instead.

Doc Blanchard (1955 - Topps #59)


One response to “Doc Blanchard (1955 – Topps #59)

  1. Doc Blanchard was before my time but he was such an outstanding player, I heard his name all my life. I did not know anything about him but he sure must have been something special to have such a great reputation that still to this day, his name is remembered by all!


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