Tony Gwynn (1989 Donruss #6)

Anthony Keith “Tony” Gwynn (Mr. Padre) played the outfield his entire 20 year career (1982 – 2001) for the San Diego Padres. During his time with the Padres he won 8 N.L. Batting Titles and amassed a total of 3,141 hits. He had a career batting average of .338 to show for the 20 years spent in San Diego. Tony also was a 15-time All-Star and won 5 Gold Glove Awards. He was the recipient of the Roberto Clemente Award in 1999, the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award in 1998 and the Branch Rickey Award in 1995, called baseball’s “Triple Crown of Humanity and Kindness” by USA Today. Tony Gwynn was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame the first year he was eligible (2007). After he retired, he became the baseball coach at his alma mater, San Diego State University. His uniform number (#19) has been retired by the Padres (2004). He died of salivary gland cancer in 2014. Tony Gwynn was 54 years old. Tony Gwynn 1989 Donruss #6


One response to “Tony Gwynn (1989 Donruss #6)

  1. Jimmy. Hate to disappoint you but I really did not follow MLB during this time as I did as a kid. I was too busy working and doing other stuff, and started to lose interest when the players began getting paid in my opinion, much too much money for playing baseball. I watch the standings during the season now, but that is all and Tony Gwynn is a VERY well know name in MLB and was obviously one of the best. All I follow now is PGA and college football and will watch the NFL playoffs and hope the Colts beat NE Sunday! Tues I am going to apply for a job at a large Chevy dealership as they are advertising for appt setters and I can handle that! I LOVE the new Camero! Take care of yourself and keep warm and use your walker or cane or whatever it takes to keep you from falling. Say hello yo Ferne, Joe, and Eli, but I never spoke with Eli. I think you are right in Seattle vs NE but I want the Colts. NE is a 7 1/2 pt fav and GB is underdog by 6 1/2 in Vegas.


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