Nellie Fox (1955 – Bowman #33)

Jacob Nelson “Nellie” Fox played second base for the Chicago White Sox (1950 – ’63). He was signed by the Philadelphia Athletics in 1947 who in turn traded Nellie to the White Sox in time for the 1950 season. Towards the end of his 19 year career he was traded to the Houston Colt 45’s (1964 – ’65). While with the Sox he was the A.L. MVP in 1959 while leading the White Sox to their first pennant in 40 years. They lost the World Series to the Dodgers in 6 games. Nellie won 3 Gold Glove Awards (1957, ’59 and ’60) and was voted to the All-Star Team 12 times. Fox’s uniform number (#2) has been retired by the White Sox. He was inducted into the baseball Hall Of Fame in 1997 by the Veterans Committee. I saw Fox’s World Series with the Dodgers (on TV) in my first year at Geneseo State and remember being impressed by him (he hit 3 doubles and batted .375 in his only World Series appearance).Nellie Fox 1955 Bowman #33


3 responses to “Nellie Fox (1955 – Bowman #33)

  1. I honestly cannot tell you a thing about Nellie Fox as I know only he was a very famous player. I watched the Balt team lose to NE and saw Seattle win easy tonight. Stay in touch if you can as it is great to hear from you always! PG sent 1/10/15 11:51pm sent. Hello to Joe and Ferne from me.


    • I don’t think you realize it, but everything you write as a “comment” on my (our) web site can be read by anybody.Please use Email for anything other than “comments” about ballplayers. Sorry. I should have told you this before!


  2. Thanks. I was not aware of that. Oh well-too late for what was already written. No biggie but glad you told me. I honestly know nothing about Nellie Fox so I cannot comment on him, but know he was as famous as a player could get! That is all I can say about him. Sorry. PG


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