Y.A. Tittle (1954 – Bowman #42)

Yelberton Abraham (Y.A.) Tittle was the signed to be the Quarterback of the Baltimore Colts (AFC, 1948 – ’50) but was picked up by the San Francisco 49er’s (1951 – ’60) when the Colts folded it’s team. He was later traded to the New York Giants where he gained the most noteriety, leading the Giants to 3 consecutive NFL Titles (1961, ’62 and ’63) Y.A. played 4 years in New York (1961 – ’64) and retired at the age of 38. During his 17-year career (1948 – ’64) he was voted to the Pro Bowl Team 7 times and was the NFL’s MVP 4 times (various teams). Tittle was a 3 time AP All-Pro (1957, ’62 and ’63) and a 4 time UPI (add 1961) All-Pro. His uniform number (#14) has been retired by the New York Giants. He threw 242 Touchdown Passes and for 33,070 yards during his career. Y. A. Tittle was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 1971.

Y.A. Tittle 1954 - Bowman #42


One response to “Y.A. Tittle (1954 – Bowman #42)

  1. Jimmy. This QB was one of the very best EVER however, I was only about 12 or so and to be honest I do not recall enough on him to comment on him, but he is as famous as any quarterback ever, I do know that. I did not follow NFL when I was a kid very much and probably only folllowed the Giants only because they were from NY! The BEST team I ever saw in person was here in Tampa in 1985 when the BEARS came to town and THAT team to me was the greatest, as they had a defensive line with Mike Singletary that could stop live “tanks” from gaining ground on them! They were the best I ever saw and I was lucky enough to be there in person! PG


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