Barry Bonds (1987 – Topps #320)

Barry Lamar Bonds was probably the best all-around baseball player of all time. After his 22 year career with the Pittsburgh Pirates (1986 – ’92) and San Francisco Giants (1993 – 2007) he would, most likely, have been voted into the baseball Hall Of Fame for his past accomplishments, but he was caught up in the steroid scandal and, therefore, denied entrance to the “Hall.” He topped Hank Aaron’s (steroid free) home run total of 744 with his total of 762. Bonds was a 7-time N.L. MVP and a 14 time All-Star.  Barry won 8 Gold Glove Awards for his play in the outfield and he also won 12 Silver Slugger Awards for his prowess at the plate.  He won the Home Run Derby in 1996, Barry Bonds was, in my estimation, the very best ball player of all time. It’s a shame he was involved with steroids. His entrance into baseball’s Hall Of Fame was inevitable without steroids, as well as his membership in the All-Century Team.Barry Bonds 1987 Topps #320


One response to “Barry Bonds (1987 – Topps #320)

  1. Barry Bonds was one of the greatest baseball players of all time! He was known for hitting so many home runs but because of being tested and found guilty of taking controlled substances, I highly doubt he will ever be allowed to enter the Hall of Fame. There are several ball players that would have and should be in the Hall of Fame, such as Pete Rose, but he broke the rules by betting on games, and that is not allowed, and Sammy Sousa, who had put cork in his bat to help him get more hits, and many others that will never be inducted into the “Hall” as they broke the rules of MLB. I do not believe any of these guys that were on steroids, will EVER be allowed into the Hall of Fame. When Bonds was taking steroids, he looked very muscular compared to when he was not on drugs. He will always be most fans’ favorites, no matter what! PG 1/6/15


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