Darryl Strawberry (1989 – Topps #390)

Darryl Eugene Strawberry played for 14 years in New York, 8 with the Mets (1983 – ’90) and 5 with the Yankees, (1995 – ’99) with 4 years on the West Coast as a Dodger and Giant. As a New York Met, Darryl was the #1 pick in the 1980 Major League Draft. He was the N.L. Rookie of the Year in 1983 and a 7-time All Star. Strawberry was a member of the 1986 World Series Championship Team and a N.L. Home Run Champion in 1988 with 39. He was also a member of the 30-30 (Home Runs & RBI’s) Club with his numbers in 1987. Darryl Strawberry was my Son Joey’s favorite baseball player when he was growing up. I remember taking him to the Cubs first night game in 1988 and how he cried when the Cubs fans started riding Darryl.  Strawberry signed, as a free agent, with the Los Angeles Dodgers before the 1991 season, and had 1 good year before an injury found him back in New York in 1995 with the Yankees. While with the Yankees he was part of 3 World Series Championships (1996, ’98 and ’99)     Strawberry is a member of the Mets Hall Of Fame.  He hit a total of 335 home runs, most of which were hit while with the Mets.

Darryl Strawberry 1989 - Topps #390


One response to “Darryl Strawberry (1989 – Topps #390)

  1. I am not all that familiar with Strawberry as I was too busy doing other things as I had many things to take care of just to survive after I left my wife, I seldom watched any sports on TV and all I can say about Strawberry is I think he played in the outfield for the Mets, but I am not sure. He was as popular as any ball player-EVER! Everybody loved this guy so he must have been a good guy as I never heard a bad word about him! He was a terrific ball player and that is all I know about him. He was as popular as any player that ever played the game and often smiled while on TV. Sorry I cannot give you anymore info on him. I was just not into MLB all that much during that period. Sorry. PG


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