Bart Starr (1959 – Topps #23)

Bryan Bartlett “Bart” Starr was a Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers from 1956 – ’71. During his 16-years with the Packers he was a 5-time NFL champion (before 1968) and a 2-time Super Bowl champion (1968 and ’69, he was also the MVP of both). A 17th round Green Bay pick, Starr was the League’s MVP in 1966. Bart also was a 3-time All-Pro selection (he appeared in a total of 4 Pro Bowls). He was the recipient of the first Byron “Wizzer” White Award (1966) as the NFL Man of the Year. Starr passed for 24,718 yards as a Packer, and was inducted into both the Green Bay and the NFL Hall Of Fame. Bart Starr’s uniform number (#15) has been retired by the Green Bay Packers. I remember the “Ice Bowl” (the NFL Championship, before the Super Bowl) against Dallas in 1967, and the thrilling finish as well as Bart’s roll in ‘the most talked-about game’ in the history of the NFL.

Bart Starr 1960 Topps #23


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  2. I am sending Joey an email now! THANKS-You and Ferne sure have raised 2 great sons! PG


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