Minnie Minoso (1953 – Bowman #36)

Saturnino Orestes Arma “Minnie” Minoso (Mr. White Sox or The Cuban Comet) was originally signed by the Cleveland Indians in 1949, then traded to the Chicago White Sox during the 1951 season. He appeared with the White Sox in 4 different decades, his final “at bat” coming in 1980 at the age of 54 (5 different decades, including his time in Cleveland). He was the first black player to play in Chicago. Minnie was my wife’s Zayde’s all time favorite player. I would guess he just liked saying his name. Minoso had stints with Cleveland, St. Louis and Washington near the end of his playing days but always considered the Chicago White Sox as home. In Chicago, he won 2 Gold Gloves and was a 7-time All Star. He also led the American League 10-times being Hit By Pitches (HBP). Minnie Minoso’s uniform number (#9) has been retired by the Chicago White Sox (1983) and a statue of Minoso stands outside U.S. Cellular Field, the home of the Chicago White Sox.
Minnie Minoso 1953 Bowman Color #36

One response to “Minnie Minoso (1953 – Bowman #36)

  1. Jimmy. This is another of my favorite players and it has been so long, I barely remember much about him, but he sure was liked by everyone! I think he was from Cuba and played center field for the White Sox, but I am reaching far back into my mind to remember as much as I can, and that is not much. Sorry. PG


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