Luis Aparicio (1956 – Topps #292)

Luis Ernesto Aparicio (Little Louie) played shortstop for the Chicago White Sox (1956 – ’62 and again from 1968 – ’70), the Baltimore Orioles (1963 – ’67) and the Boston Red Sox (1971 – ’73) for a total of 18 years. He was the American League Rookie of the Year with Chicago in 1956 and a World Series champ in 1966 with Baltimore. Luis led the A.L. in stolen bases every year from 1956 -’64. (I knew he was fast, but this surprised me) He also was a 9-time Gold Glove Award winner as well as a 9-time All-Star. (13 games – they played 2 All Star games per year between 1958 and ’61). His uniform number (#11) has been retired by the White Sox. He was a 1984 inductee into baseball’s Hall Of Fame and was voted onto the All-Century Team in 1999.

Luis Aparicio 1956 Topps #292


One response to “Luis Aparicio (1956 – Topps #292)

  1. Jimmy. You are sending me some of the very BEST baseball cards ever, but unfortunately my memory has faded over the last few yrs too much to comment on this player at all. The only thing I can recall are 2 things about him. He was the very best at playing shortstop, a hair below Rizzuto, and he was MY personal best at this position of all time! Wish I could remember more, but time takes its toll as this has been close to 60 yrs or more since I even heard his name but in my mind, he was # 1 at this position. You sure have a fantastic collection there, so take good care of them as they are gonna be worth big bucks one day and ARE right now, but will increase in value if you hang onto them as these are next to impossible to get your hands on nowadays! PG 12/10/14


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