Don Mattingly (1987 – Topps AS #606)

Donald Arthur Mattingly (Donnie Baseball) was a first baseman who played his whole 14 year career with the New York Yankees from 1982 through 1995, and was my favorite player of all time. Donnie Baseball could do no wrong, at least according to me! He was the American League MVP in 1985 and led the League in batting in 1984. He was a 6-time All-Star and a 9-time Gold Glove Winner at his position. Mattingly was Yankee Team Captain (1991 – ’95). His uniform number (#23) has been retired in New York by the Yankees. Beyond his playing days, he was a coach for the Yankees (2004 – ’07) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (2008 – ’10), and is currently the manager of the Dodgers, replacing Joe Torre, in 2011.
Don Mattingly AS 1987 Topps #606

One response to “Don Mattingly (1987 – Topps AS #606)

  1. Jimmy. This is another one of the NYY’s that the name rings a bell but I know nothing about to comment on. He has a “HUGE” name in baseball and everyone has heard of him, but I must be honest and say I do not know enough about to comment on. Sorry. PG 12/9/14


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