Roger Maris (1958 – Topps #47)

Roger Eugene Maris was a right fielder for 3 years (Cleveland and Kansas City) before being traded to the New York Yankees, in 1960 and setting the single-season home run record of 61 in 1961 (steroid-free), breaking the record of the legendary Babe Ruth who hit 60 in 1927. I remember hating that Maris had set the record – I (like a lot of folks) felt the record should be broken by a “real” Yankee – Mickey Mantle!! Maris never came close to the record he set again. He was the 1960 and 1961 American League MVP. He also won a Gold Glove in 1960. Roger was a 7-time All Star and 3-time World Series Champion. (1961, ’62 and ’67) His uniform number (#9) was retired by the New York Yankees. Maris finished his career in National League with the St. Louis Cardinals (1967 and ’68). He died in 1985 at the age of only 51.

Roger Maris 1958 Topps #47


One response to “Roger Maris (1958 – Topps #47)

  1. Roger Maris was only remembered by me for one thing! Hitting tons of home runs! He was a helluva home run hitter for the Yankees and I think hit 61 one yr but I may be wrong. He was known for all the homers he hit! Sorry but that is all I remember about him! You sure have some famous baseball cards! PG 12/8/14


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