Ed Lopat (1952 – Topps #57)

Edmund Walter “Eddie” Lopat (Lopatynski), also known as Steady Eddie, was a member of the New York Yankees “Big Three” pitching staff (“Big Four” when Ford arrived) along with Allie Reynolds and Vic Raschi. He originally was signed by the Chicago White Sox with whom he pitched for 4 years (1944 –’47) before being traded to New York before the 1948 season. After Eddie arrived in New York the Yankees won 5 straight World Series championships (1949 – ’53). He was traded to the Baltimore Orioles during the 1955 season and finished his 12-year playing career there, retiring after the end of the year. He won a combined total of 166 games (losing 112) and was voted to the American League All-Star Team in 1951. After his playing days were over, he went on to manage the Kansas City Athletics in 1963 and ’64, before they moved to Oakland. Eddie Lopat died in 1992 at the age of 73.
Ed Lopat 1952 Topps #57

One response to “Ed Lopat (1952 – Topps #57)

  1. Jimmy. I am afraid you got me on this one! Sure, I remember him as a great pitcher, but to be honest, I really cannot comment on this guy, although I know he was a big name as a NYY pitcher, but I cannot say anything about him, sorry. PG


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