Phil Rizzuto (1956 – Topps #113)

Philip Francis ‘Phil’ Rizzuto (The Scooter) was a shortstop with the New York Yankees for 13 years (1941 – ’56) interrupted by 3 years in the Navy during WWII. Rizzuto was the American League MVP in 1950 and a 7-time World Series champion. He, in my estimation, was the best bunter in baseball. He was 5-times an All-Star for the A.L. His uniform number (#10) was retired by the Yankees. Phil Rizzuto was inducted into the baseball Hall Of Fame in 1994 by the Veterans Committee. After his playing days, he enjoyed a successful career as a radio and TV announcer for the Yankees. He became known to a whole new generation by his trademark expression “Holy Cow.” Rizzuto died in 2007 at the age of 89.Phil Rizzuto 1956 Topps #113

One response to “Phil Rizzuto (1956 – Topps #113)

  1. Phil Rizzuto was one of my favorite players and in my opinion there was not anyone any better at shortstop than him. He was an outstanding shortstop but to the best of my recollection, was not much of a hitter, but most of the time, he would get a single, but that was about it. Seldom did a ball hit to him ever get past him as he could always be counted on to throw the hitter out! He went on to become a terrific announcer for play by play for the Yankees after he was through playing for them. He had a very unique and pleasant broadcasting voice that sounded like no other and he was famous for his “Holy Cow” saying, whenever an extraordinary play was made. When I think of a short stop in the big leagues, only Phil Rizzuto’s name comes to mind as he was a great shortstop. He had the nickname of “Scooter!” Everyone loved his personality and demeanor and he was a thrill to watch back in the day! 12/1/14 PG


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