Hank Aaron (1955 -Topps #47)

Henry “Hank” Louis Aaron (the Hammer or Hammerin’ Hank) played the outfield for 21 years with the Milwaukee then Atlanta Braves of the National League before finishing his career (2 years) where he started, in Milwaukee, which had since switched to become an American League city. He is considered the all-time home run king (steroid free) of the Major Leagues, having hit a total of 755. Hank hit 24 or more home runs a year from 1955 – 1973. He was the N.L. MVP in 1957 and a 21-time All-Star.  He also was a 2-time N.L. batting champion and 4 -times he led the League in home runs. He led both Leagues in career RBI’s with 2,297. His uniform number (#44) was retired by both the Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers. Hank Aaron was inducted into baseball’s Hall Of Fame in 1982.  He was voted to the All-Century Team in 1999.
 Hank Aaron 1955 Topps #47

One response to “Hank Aaron (1955 -Topps #47)

  1. Hank Aaron was a huge name in baseball because he broke Babe Ruth’s record in the early 70’s. I only know that all I can say about this player was that I did not care for him and here is why. In 1975, I traveled from Albany, NY to Boston to spend the weekend with a nice girlfriend I met in Albany, NY. She worked at the NYS Deptsomething, I forgot what dept, as this was so many yrs ago, in 75, it has been 39 yrs now! Wow. We flew to Boston and got a hotel and decided to attend a Red Sox-Brewers game @ Fenway Pk and after dinner, (we ate at a hi end restaurant that Bobby and Jack Kennedy loved when in Boston, and the walls were plastered with photos of them everywhere) and after dinner headed for the ball park. The game was rained out I recall, and the announcer said all ticket holders could exchange their tickets at the box office and so I did. At that time, and I will never know how or why THIS did happen to us, but we were given 2 tickets for the following nights game and the seats were in the VERY 1st row and DIRECTLY behind home plate, and I recall the home plate was not too far from the seats we were in. Backtrack a minute and know that as we arrived at Fenway, early that night, I was waiting for the grl to walk a bit faster and catch up to me as I wanted to get a good glimpse of the field from the 2nd level from the walkway and I stopped and happened to glance down at the street below, and noticed a tall black man getting out of a yellow cab and he was wearing a gorgeous plaid suit. I did not know at the time, but that was Henry Aaron! A few minutes later this man walked by me and I said “Hello, Mr Aaron,” and he didn’t reply and kept right on walking as if I was invisible and so I said it again, much louder, and got same results. So I yelled at his backside as he walked further away loudly, “Mr Aaron, Can I get your autograph for my son?” There was no answer and suddenly an elderly man dressed in ballpark security clothes, called me over and told me Aaron was a real SOB and had everyone fooled and not to be upset that he ignored me and he did that ALL the time! BUT when he is on the playing field, and sees the TV red light “ON” on the TV camera, he will go over to the little boys and sign a few autographs for them, but ONLY then! That really got to me, and so whenever Aaron would come to the plate to bat, I would yell out loud “SWING” at EVERY pitch thrown to him by the Red Sox pitcher. It worked and Henry struck out the 1st 2 times and as he returned to his 3rd base dugout he glanced at me and gave me a look that could “kill!” The 3rd time up he hit a high deep ball that stopped my heart as I thought it was a home run but it was caught short of the centerfield wall. On his final time at bat he hit one of the longest homers I ever saw as it was hit high and out of sight into the dark night sky over the Citgo sign. He rounded the bases and touched home and as he passed me he gave me a look like “Take THAT you SOB!” He was playing for the Milwaukee Brewers and 18 yr old Robin Yount was in his 1st yr at 3rd base for Milwaukee and it was Aarons next to last year he played, I think in 1975. He spent MOST of his career with the Atlanta Braves before his final 2 years in MLB with the Milwaukee Brewers. True story! But I never cared for him. I did not enjoy being ignored by him before the game as he arrived at the park with plenty of time to spare! PG 11/24/14 Greatest seats in the house! Never forget that, but do not know if his team won or lost and don’t really care anymore! PG


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