Ernie Banks (1960 – Topps #10)

Ernest “Ernie” Banks (Mr. Cub) will always be remembered by me as one of the greatest players never to have appeared in a single World Series game. As a shortstop/first baseman, he spent 19 years (1953 – 1971) with the Chicago Cubs. Ernie was a 2-time National League MVP and was voted to the N.L. All-Star team 10 times. He led the N.L. in home runs in 1958 and 1960. Banks moved from shortstop (his knees bothered him) and, eventually, ended up at first base for the Cubs in 1961. I remember Ernie’s 500th home run like it was yesterday, and his quote of “Let’s play two” speaks to his happy outlook on life in general.
He was inducted into baseball’s Hall Of Fame in 1977 and was chosen for the All-Century Team in 1999. His number (#14) has been retired by the Cubs.

Ernie Banks 1960 Topps #10


One response to “Ernie Banks (1960 – Topps #10)

  1. Ernie Banks was one of those hitters you never wanted to see coming to bat as only one thing ran through your mind-“home run!” He was a very powerful hitter and had a throwing arm on him similar to Roberto Clemente. He was in that rare class of players that only consisted of a special few great ones!


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