Duke Snider (1956 – Topps #150)

Edwin Donald “Duke” Snider (the Duke of Flatbush) was a left-handed hitting outfielder for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers from 1947 through 1962. He was traded to the New York Mets (1963) and ended his career, at his insistence, in San Francisco with the Giants (1964). While in Brooklyn, he was often compared with the two other New York center-fielders at that time, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. He appeared in 6 World Series with the Dodgers, winning 2 of the (1955 in Brooklyn and 1959 in Los Angeles). Duke was an 8-time National League All-Star. He hit a career total of 407 home runs (40 or more per year from 1953 through ’57). Duke Snider was inducted into the baseball Hall Of Fame in 1980. He died in 2011 at the age of 84. I have his autograph on the “Jackie Robinson ball” along with Campy and Pee Wee. (But NOT Koufax and Drysdale!)

Duke Snider 1956 Topps #150


2 responses to “Duke Snider (1956 – Topps #150)

  1. Jimmy. It is unbelievable you have all these BEST player’s baseball cards! I am running out of things to say about these as they ALL are in the “Kershaw” class and after writing about a few of them, there really is not much more to say, without repeating myself. Duke Snider was as popular as any of the great ones! He could hit like crazy and was an excellent fielder and had a great arm to nail the runners trying to score. This card is also worth a fortune and if you have his autograph, I have no idea what it is worth, but it is one of the most well known players and he is famous all over the baseball world, as I am sure you know! Pete Goddard, 11/20/14 Thanks for showing me this card as it brings back so many memories of the good old days! I hope you are protecting all these cards as they are probably worth a fortune! Are these the baseball cards that came in a package of bubble gum? I think so.


  2. Peter,
    Thanks for your comments about “the Duke”. And to answer your ?, they may be the ones we (my older brother and I) got with bubble gum, but my younger brother “saved” them. They now belong to my boys. (Eli sends them to me and I just write them up)


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