Roy Campanella (1955 – Bowman #22)

Roy “Campy” Campanella was a  Black/Italian-American catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1948 until an untimely car-accident in 1957. After the 1957 season the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, but Campanella never played in a single game for L.A..  In Brooklyn, he was a three-time MVP (1951,’53 and ’55) and, as the “regular” Catcher for all 10 of his years, caught 3 no-hitters.  He also helped the Dodgers to a 1955 World Series win over the N. Y. Yankees in 7 games.  His uniform Number (39) was retired in Los Angeles.  Roy Campanella was inducted into baseball’s “Hall Of Fame” in 1969.  He died in 1993 at the age of 71.  “Campy” certainly had his career cut short by the accident.Roy Campanella 1955 Bowman #22


One response to “Roy Campanella (1955 – Bowman #22)

  1. Jimmy. You certainly have the “CREAM OF THE CROP” with all these famous cards! I cannot add much to this Roy Campanella as a MLB catcher as to me there was none any better! Nothing else to say-He was the best and could throw a runner out stealing about every time! This is a great collection! PG


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