George Blanda (1957 – Topps #31)

George Frederick Blanda played an unbelievable 26 years as a National Football League (NFL) and American Football League (AFL) as a quarterback and kicker (1950-’58 Chicago Bears, 1960-’66 Houston Oilers, 1967- ’76 Oakland Raiders).  He was probably better known as a kicker in his later years, but he did substitute for an ailing Daryll LaMonica in Oakland, and won more than a few close games.  As a quarterback, Blanda threw for 26,920 yards and 236 touchdowns and ran for another 9 TDs.  As a kicker he converted on 335 field goals and amassed 943 extra point conversions. George Blanda ended his un-heard-of  26-year NFL and AFL career with a combined total of 2,002 points. His statics are too numerous to repeat here. I remember seeing Blanda, on TV, and marveling at his age. He was only 46 at that time (He played until he was 48)! George is a member of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame (1980).

George Blanda 1957 Topps #31


One response to “George Blanda (1957 – Topps #31)

  1. I cannot leave any comments on George Blanda as all I know is he was around for a very long time and was a great player and anyone that follows NFL, has heard of Blanda. He was one of the all time great ones.


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