Jim Brown (1958 – Topps #62)

James Nathaniel ‘Jim’ Brown was a Football and Lacrosse All-American at Syracuse U. before becoming, in my opinion, the greatest National Football League player of all time. His NFL accolades are too many to mention here. In his 9-year NFL career (1957 – 1965, all with the Cleveland Browns) he was voted to the all-pro 1st team 9 times, was the NFL’s MVP a total of 4 times, and was the Rookie Of The Year in 1957, to name just a few of the many accolades he earned. Brown retired after 9 years in the NFL to an acting career, which he continues to this day (2014). His number (32) was retired by the Browns and he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 1971, and the Lacrosse Hall Of Fame in 1983. Jim Brown was the best player, ever, in the NFL.

Jim Brown  1958 Topps #62


One response to “Jim Brown (1958 – Topps #62)

  1. Jimmy! I think you covered Jim Brown 100% and nothing I can add to your words as you nailed it! He was the best for sure. You have a terrific card collection! Rare to say the least! I can’t wait til Saturday’s FSU @ MIAMI huge game that will determine whether or not FSU is one of the 4 teams to be chosen to be in the Final Playoffs. Game is at 8PM (my time) on ABC TV. FSU is now a 2 point favorite over Miami, but I think Miami will upset! I think the Final 4 will be Bama, Oregon, TCU and Ohio St! I have had enough of Jameis Winston and there is not enough room to write about all the illegal charges against him! He just had his rape hearing again postponed again from Nov 17, to Dec 1st. Now they say it will not be addressed til 2015. He sure has the right connections to stay out of jail, where he belongs. Mel Kiper says he used to have him @ #1 and now has him at the bottom of his best Top 25. I hope he does not get drafted at all. With my luck, the Bucs will get him! Thanks for the info on Jim Brown! pg


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