Ted Williams (1954 – Topps #1)

Theodore Samuel ‘Ted’ Williams (The Thumper or The Splendid Splinter) played his entire 19-year career for Boston Red Sox, 1939 -’42 and 1946 – ’60, interrupted by 3 years as a pilot in the Armed Service. Williams was the last person to hit .400 (.406 in 1941) over a full year and had a life-time batting average of .344. He was the best hitter I ever saw! Ted won baseball’s Triple Crown (batting average, home runs and RBI’s) twice, but did not win the American League’s MVP Award either time. He was a 6 time American League batting champion, 17 time All-Star, and hit a career total of 521 home runs. He also was the League’s MVP on 2 occasions. I repeat; He was THE BEST HITTER I EVER SAW. Ted Williams was inducted into baseball’s “Hall Of Fame” in 1966, his first year of eligibility.

Ted Williams - 1954 Topps #1

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  1. Wow, Jimmy! You sure have some unbelievable baseball cards there! There are no words for this player as nobody I can think of was any better than Ted Williams! He was everyone’s favorite! Here is a true story about him that happened to me about 1988. I was working at Home Shopping Channel, here in St Pete, and worked FT on the 3rd shift. One night a week, they would hold a 3 hour sports show, selling only items related to sports. I seldom paid much attn to the host/hostess and the guest they had on the show, except when Paul Anka was there and Vanna White, who I passed in the hallway while on a break, but that has nothing to do with sports. I thought of tackling Vanna but decided that probably would not be a good idea with approx 300 people on the floor on the phones taking orders of people buying items. Oh, just remembered, one night they had Pete Rose there, and he was not too friendly as he walked past me, but some of the male employees were yelling stuff at Rose about him betting on games and it upset him immediately and he shouted something back at the guy as he walked toward the exit! He has a temper! Anyway, back to Ted Williams, I started my shift at 11PM and when I arrived, put on my headset, and glanced up at the TV screen, I saw it was Williams as the sports guest! He was there til midnight and as he got ready to leave, I took my break and timed it perfectly to run into Ted just at the same time he was about to exit the bldg, and he was nothing but one classy gentleman! I will never forget how polished his manners were! I asked him if he would mind signing a lousy wrinkled pc of paper I quickly grabbed from somewhere and I recall it had coffee stains on it and here I was asking one of the great ones to sign this awful pc of paper, it was rather embarrassing but that was all I had time to grab and he agreed and was SO polite, I could not believe it! He was MUCH taller than I ever thought! Looked close to 6′ 3 or 4″ for real! I told him he was my favorite player when I was a kid and THEN I thought that probably sounded like a “Putdown” to him as I was close to 50 and he was only about 65, so it made it sound a bit like a lie. Uncomfortable is the correct word. He signed it and we thanked ea other and he left looking great in a very expensive looking suit and tie. There was one other kid waiting there for him, in the coffee area, near the front door exit, and this guy was about 23 or 25 and he was all decked out in a nice suit just to meet Ted Wms and he had a hard-cover book written by Ted in his hand and asked Wms to sign the book. Years went by and Ted passed away and last I heard was he had his body shipped out to the SW to a Company that literally removes the head of a deceased person, and freezes it in something like 300 degrees below zero, hoping someday the Co will discover how to bring a solution thyat will help bring Ted back to life when they discover a cure for WHY he died! Sorry to sound gross, but all I can think of is a name that is close to Gyenetics or something like that! As I write this, I JUST realized they would be in need of the rest of his body, but that is all I can tell you about Ted Williams! Guess he is still frozen somewhere out in the SW and I highly doubt he will ever be brought back to live again, but I am not going to worry about it! (Ha-ha!) All true! I recall it was VERY expensive to have this process performed! I just watched the Blackhawks beat Tampa 3-2 in a shootout in Chicago, with a winning goal by Kane. These 2 teams could meet in the Stanley Cup at the end of the season as Tampa has a good team in NHL this year and Chicago is the Vegas favorite to win it all! Guess I rambled long enough! Sorry. Remind me of the 2 brothers I sat between at HSN for about 4 years while there that won the Florida lottery! It is a good story and not this long! PG

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  2. Peter,

    Read your comment on Williams. Thanks a lot for your comments on all of my posts. That’s quite a story about meeting Williams (and about Vanna, Pete Rose, and Anka – you should have tackled Vanna!) VJP


  3. Thanks again, for everything. VJP


    • Jimmy. Why are you thanking me? I did not do anything. I enjoyed contributing to your fine website and you showing me all those hard to get cards! If you get anymore, send em to me please. If you have a picture of Eli, send it my way! Joey is a handsome kid-must take after his Mom! (just kidding!) Keep well. Pete Goddard 11/21/14


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